SSLC & Plus Two

The Central Govt. formed The National Institute of Open School(NIOS) in 1989 under the affiliation of Ministry of Human Resource Development of India to help the students who discontinued the primary education to restart the academics. NIOS provides this facility all over the country.

Secondary Courses (SSLC)

The pupil who haven’t had basic education and those who couldn’t resume after discontinuing can complete Tenth grade through NIOS irrespective of the age.
Age limit: above 14

course details:

The syllabus contains 13 subjects including languages.
The candidate can select 5 subjects among them. 2 languages are compulsory. Other 3 subjects can be choosen by the student according to liking.
The subjects other than languages can be written in English or Malayalam.




Senior Secondary Courses (PlusTwo)

Those who passed SSLC and completed 17 years are eligible for pursuing Senior secondary course (Plus Two)
Age limit: above 17

course details:

The total subjects in the syllabus is 17 subjects in which the student can choose 2 languages.

Exams can be written either in Malayalam or English excluding Science subjects.
The course provide equivalence to Central/State Plustwo certification.
Upon completing the course successfully, the students are eligible for PSC,UPSc and other Govt jobs.